For whom?

This loan is intended for Brussels residents with a disability and/or people aged 60 and over to finance renovations on their home to enable them to live there for as long as possible and in the best possible conditions. This loan is available to both tenants and owners.

How much can I borrow?

Two types of credit can be granted to you depending on your project and your borrowing capacity:

  • A consumer credit for an amount of € 500 to € 12,000 can be granted to a borrower-tenant or to a borrower-owner of his/her home.
  • A mortgage loan in the form of a mortgage promise for an amount of € 3,600 to € 25,000 can only be granted to a borrower who owns his or her own home.

The overall annual interest rate of the Disabled Facilities loan is 0%.

What types of renovations can you finance with this loan?

The possibilities for renovations are very wide:

  • Adaptation of sanitary facilities
  • Securing the home
  • Adaptation of the kitchen
  • Communication support products
  • Technical mobility aids
  • Installation of a lifting and moving system for people
  • And many others...

Is there any support for this credit?

To help you define your project, an occupational therapist from the Solival ASBL will analyse your needs and advise you on the steps to take during a free home visit.

How long is the repayment period?

Your repayment can be spread over a maximum of 30 years. The Disabled Facilities Loan must be fully repaid on the day you reach the age of 85. If there are several borrowers, the loan must be repaid when the youngest person reaches the age of 85.

What are the steps to take out a Disabled Facilities Loan?

  • To be assisted in defining your project, contact either the Brussels Housing Fund via the online form below or at or the ASBL Solival by phone at 078/15.15.00 or by e-mail at The team of occupational therapists at ASBL Solival will carry out a complete analysis of your home free of charge and will provide you with a report on the ways in which your home can be adapted.
  • You can submit your application using the form below.
  • A member of the Fund's team will contact you to make an appointment and accompany you in the development of your project.

Make an appointment to find out more!

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