What are the conditions?

To be eligible for a renovation loan with the Housing Fund, your income must not exceed a certain threshold, which is set according to your family situation. Check on your notice of assessment that your total household income does not exceed our scales.

A : single person
B : household consisting of two or more persons, only one of whom has an income
C : household consisting of two or more persons, with at least 2 persons having an income

The scales to be taken are as follows:

Number of dependants A B C
0 € 51,696 € 63,183 € 80,415
1 - € 68,927 € 86,159
2 - € 74,671 € 91,903
3 - € 80,415 € 97,647
4 and more  - € 86,159 € 103,391


What are the obligations?

When you take out a mortgage with us to buy a property:

  • You must reside permanently in Belgium
  • You cannot own another property in Belgium or abroad
  • Your household will need to fully occupy the home

Simulate your renovations loan!

Our online simulator allows you to simulate the rates and repayments of your works loan.



To make and maintain the dwelling in compliance with safety, health and habitability requirements.

You have a maximum of 24 months to complete the renovations and draw down the funds to finance them.

No, for reasons of free competition, we cannot advise you on this.

Yes, but it will not change your commitment to make or keep the property compliant with safety, health and habitability requirements.

The market value of the property is initially defined by the expert responsible for carrying out the valuation of the property, and then confirmed by the Fund, which will specify a value before and after renovations.

Yes, but there will always be town planningsafety, health, habitability and amenity requirements, as well as compliance with labour regulations.

Yes, but the purchase will have to be done via proper billing.

Do not carry out any renovations until you own the property.

You should make enquiries with the relevant authorities (commune, notary) and follow their recommendations.

You can't impose it on him, but you can negotiate it with him and with the help of the notary.

All information on the regulatory, regional or municipal provisions that apply to a property. It is essential for any sale or transfer of real estate rights.

In this case, it is possible to request either a repossession of the outstanding balance limited to the capital you have already repaid under your current loan, or an additional loan that will be subject to notary fees.

Yes, but the original budgets cannot be changed.

Yes, mainly if they involve town planning permission to alter the original dwelling.

No, but you will need to notify the Fund when your renovations are complete.

Contact the trustee in charge of managing the bankruptcy. You will find the necessary information on the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises website.

Depending on the progress of the renovations, the amounts will be paid directly to the supplier based on the invoices that you will have received, and that you will have to transmit to us, accompanied by your payment order.

You can get help from various housing actors such as the Réseau Habitat and Homegrade.