What are the conditions?

  1. The total taxable income of your household (as stated on your notice of assessment) may not exceed the Fund's scales.
  2. Neither you nor any other person in your household can already be a landlord.
  3. Your household must fully occupy the rented property and it must be used as your main residence.

Number of dependent children




1 33.176,8837.542,31
2 35.796,1140.161,54
3 38.415,3442.780,77
4 € 41.034,5745.400,00
5 43.653,8048.019,23
6 46.273,0350.638,46

A = person living alone
B = household with only one income
C = household with at least two incomes
These amounts are increased by 5.238,44 € per disabled person of full age in the household. A disabled dependent child is considered as two children.

How is housing allocated?

Housing applications are filed in a register of applicants in chronological order. Housing is allocated according to this order, your choice of municipality and the suitability of the housing for your household.

How is the rent set?

The rent for the dwelling is set in accordance with the Fund's rental assistance regulations. It takes into account, among other things, the comfort criteria of the dwelling (facilities, amenities, etc.), the household income and any rent intervention allowance granted by the Brussels Housing Administration.

How does a rental application work?

  1. Fill in the "Application for accommodation" form at the bottom of the page (only available in French and Dutch)
  2. If your application is incomplete, we will ask you for the missing documents
  3. Once your application has been finalised and accepted, you will be included in the register!
  4. Each year, you will have to renew your application within two months before the anniversary date (e.g. if the anniversary date is 1 July, you must renew your application between 1 May and 30 June at the latest).
  5. Good news, an accommodation becomes available and is offered to you! You will have to accept or refuse the offer.
    Note: After 2 refusals of housing offers, your application will be deleted from the register. You may then apply again for accommodation but you will lose your seniority on the register of applicants.Note: When an accommodation becomes available, several applicants are contacted according to their seniority on the register and the match between their request and the vacated accommodation. The candidates contacted are therefore ranked in order of priority. It is thus possible that you accept the accommodation but that it is not allocated to you because the candidate who has priority has accepted it.
  6. Congratulations, your application has been selected! You are now a tenant of the Brussels Housing Fund.

Did you know that?

  • We offer adaptable or PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) accommodation to help tenants with disabilities or reduced mobility find suitable accommodation.
  • Within the framework of delegated missions, we have developed specific projects such as intergenerational housing projects (Steyls in Laeken) and housing projects for artists (Cheval noir in Molenbeek).

Join the register

If you want to apply, you can download the online form and send it back :

  • E-mail:
  • Simple or registered mail
  • Deposit in the letterbox provided in the Fund's entrance hall or in the one outside

The list of documents to be attached and the paper form to be filled in are available in the "Documents" section.



How does registration work?

  • Once your application has been submitted and analysed, you will be sent an acceptance letter (admission to the register of applicants). This letter will state the number of rooms required and desired, the municipalities of your choice and the reference number of your file, considering any derogations requested.
  • If necessary, we will send you the list of missing documents to analyse the eligibility of your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have difficulties in understanding the letter. Do not forget to indicate the reference number (found on the acceptance letter) on each document you send to us and to respect the deadline of 10 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).
  • You will receive a letter refusing the application and stating the reason for the refusal (you are already a homeowner, your income exceeds the eligibility scale, etc.)

Renew your application

To maintain your registration, you must renew your application each year within two months before the anniversary date (e.g. if the anniversary date is on 1 July, you must renew your application between 1 May and 30 June at the latest).

You can submit your renewal by :

  • E-mail:
  • Simple or registered mail
  • Deposit in the letterbox provided in the Fund's entrance hall or in the one outside

The list of documents to be attached and the paper form to be filled in are available in the "Documents" section.

 If you wish to receive an acknowledgement of receipt, you should send your renewal application by e-mail. 

Modify your application

If your household situation has changed during the year, please inform us as soon as possible by e-mail: mentioning :

  • Your file number

Changes and supporting documents (birth certificate, new household composition, family allowance certificate, etc.)


No, the rules are not the same. The Fund's housing allocations are based on the seniority of the application and on compliance with income scales.

No, we do not provide accommodation for people in emergency situations.

Non, l’attribution d’un logement se fait uniquement sur base de l’ancienneté de la candidature et de l’adéquation entre celui-ci et l’effectif familial.

No, alimony and child benefit are not taken into account when calculating household income.

The signing of the lease takes place in the morning. The inventory of fixtures and the handing over of the keys take place in the afternoon.

Yes, you can bring a support person or an interpreter.

We offer you assistance in setting up a rental guarantee in the form of a 0% loan or via affiliation to the BRU-GAL fund.

One of the holders of the file may recover the application and retain the seniority of the file, provided that the other person concerned withdraws in writing.

The duration of the lease is usually 9 years.